Being a new parent myself I understand both the joy and the worry of having a new baby. Sarah Ind (Founder of Early Bird First Aid)

Early Bird First Aid is a London based company that was founded by Sarah Kohn in 2011. Sarah has been a qualified Emergency First Response instructor ( since 2006 and has taught first aid to a wide variety of people including parents, childcare professionals, HSE Appointed First Aiders at Work and rescue divers. Sarah is also a qualified nursery nurse and has a degree in Biological Sciences.

Sarah has always felt passionately about the necessity of having basic first aid skills but after giving birth to her son she realised the importance of having the confidence to care for her newborn and started concentrating on providing new parents with basic first aid skills. This led to her setting up Early Bird First Aid becoming a full time first aid provider.

Learning how to respond appropriately if ever faced with an emergency situation and feeling that you are prepared should an accident occur are priceless skills to have. We can’t always prevent accidents from happening but we can learn how to react if they do.

In any emergency situation it is vital that you STOP, THINK, then ACT. If you are trained in CPR and First Aid and have attended an Early Bird course then you have the basic skills to provide life saving assistance to another person. It is so much better to have the training and not need it than need it and not have it.

We offer a wide range of courses that cater to people from all walks of life. If you do not see the course you require please call us as chances are we can meet your training needs.

At Early Bird we understand that everyone has different circumstances and busy lives. That is why we offer flexible courses to fit round you. If you have a group of 4 people or more and would like to use a specific venue for your training then we are happy to come to you.

Don’t let First Aid training be one of those things you never get round to, it’s important and could save a life.